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About The Dizzy Ducks

The Dizzy Ducks are a hard rock band with a pop twist, aiming to give the world stank face from hard hitting grooves you can't help but move to. With a wide range of influences, spanning from the bold riffs of Metallica to the techno pop styles of Nero, the four piece band out of Camden NSW have a distinctive sonic tapestry that will cause even the stiffest of toes to tap. 

The band, consisting of Michael Boundy on drums, Mark Kenny on bass, Catherine Quarmby on vocals and Jon Valenzuela on guitar, initially began in the quiet suburb of Spring Farm, NSW, inside Mark's garage with Mark and long-time friend, Michael, playing around with drum and bass songs. After a few months, the pair grew tired and longed for something more, setting their sights on finding a singer. Eventually, they found Cat who wasted no time in adding her signature flare to the music, turning the drum and bass grooves into songs; however, there was still something missing. The trio again longed for more. After almost a year of auditions and trials, the trio finally found Jon, and The Dizzy Ducks were born.

The Dizzy Ducks released their debut single, "Twisted," in early November 2023, which received promising reviews from both media and fans alike. Surfing that momentum like a tidal wave, the band plan on making 2024 a busy year - playing many shows around Australia and releasing plenty of new music, starting with their next single, "Love You Not," on February 8.


“Their sound is an amalgamation of epic, modern, and powerful elements, ensuring that their music hooks you from the very first note." - Edgar Allan Poets

“The track invites listeners into a musical experience they won't soon forget.” - Musikepool



“Love You Not” live at oxford art factory


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